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Includes: Ultraman Tiga Volume 1:  Prophecy Of Evil, and an Ultraman Tiga t-shirt
DVD Box Set Released By: 4Kids Home Video / FUNimation Productions
Region: 1
Format: NTSC
Packaging: 2 discs in a keepcase, and a bagged t-shirt in a cardboard insert, housed in a box big enough to hold all four volumes of Ultraman Tiga
MSRP: $34.95
UPC #: 704400068423
Catalog #: FN-06842
Status: Available


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Review: This Special Collectorís Edition Starter Box includes:  The 4Kids Home Video / FUNimation Productions release of Ultraman Tiga Volume 1:  Prophecy Of Evil (please refer to Digital Monster Islandís full review for specs and features on that release), and an Ultraman Tiga t-shirt.  The box is designed to hold all four volumes of the Ultraman Tiga series.  Volume 2:  Fugitive From Beyond, Volume 3:  GUTS Headquarters Under Attack, and  Volume 4:  Inheritance Of Darkness, are available separately.

The visual design of the box is consistent with the
Volume 1 DVD.  Instead of series-encompassing artwork, the side and back advertise the contents of the Starter Box, and the upcoming future volumes.  It would have been preferable if this were printed on an insert.  After all, this information will be obsolete once the box contains all four volumes.  The box is constructed of thin and flimsy single-layer cardboard, not the sturdier kind used for many other collections.

The big extra here is the bonus item, an Ultraman Tiga t-shirt.  Itís a gray shirt, size L, with a large picture of Tiga on the front.  The lettering and some of the detailing on Ultraman (including his eyes) are a thick, rubbery decal that add depth and make the image more substantial.  Very nicely done!  Unfortunately, the shirt itself is rather lightweight, limiting it to warm-weather wear.  A heavy-duty shirt would have been more versatile and longer lasting.  Also, a larger size (at least XL) would have been nice (this reviewer prefers XXL).  Apparently, no one from 4Kids or FUNimation has been to a sci-fi convention.  (No offense!)  Besides, big and loose is the style nowadays.

Many people prefer to have a complete series packaged together in a set.  It increases both the display value of oneís collection, as well as helping to keep things organized.  It can be
infuriating when a company releases individual volumes in a series separately, and then issues a box set later.  4Kids and FUNimation have solved this problem by offering the option of buying the box up front with Volume 1.  That is commendable, but a sturdier box and shirt would have taken this set from good to great.  Still, for only $5 more, you really canít go wrong.  Grade:  A-
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Box Back The Total Package!
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Box Back The Total Package!
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The Ultraman Tiga T-shirt
The Complete Ultraman Tiga Collection!
The Complete Ultraman Tiga Collection! The Complete Ultraman Tiga Collection!
Above:  Add Volume 2:  Fugitive From Beyond, Volume 3:  GUTS Headquarters Under Attack, and Volume 4:  Inheritance Of Darkness (each sold separately) to the Special Collectorís Edition Starter Box, and this is what you get!
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