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Directors: Jonathan Tzachor, Ryuta Tasaki, and Koichi Sakamoto
Original Release Year: 1993 - 2002
Running Time: 158 minutes

DVD Released By: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Video: Fullscreen
Audio: English 2.0
Extras: Video / CD previews, poster
Subtitles: None
Closed Captions: English
Region: 1
Format: NTSC
Chapters: 5 (one at the beginning of each episode)
Packaging: Keepcase
MSRP: $19.99
UPC #: 786936206234
Catalog #: 28909
Status: Available


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The Film: The Ultimate Rangers is a compilation of the best Power Rangers episodes, as voted on by the fans.  The five episodes included are:

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers:  “White Light” (38 minutes):  Rita Repulsa may be gone, but the Power Rangers are having a harder time than ever against Lord Zedd’s superior forces.  The Rangers’ ranks are bolstered with addition of a new Ranger:  Tommy, the former Green Ranger, becomes the White Tiger Ranger.

Power Rangers In Space
:  “Countdown To Destruction” (39 minutes):  Dark Specter decides that evil should conquer the universe in one fell swoop.  The forces of Astronema, Divatox, the Machine Empire, and Rita and Lord Zedd launch an all-out attack across multiple worlds.  The Space Rangers are completely overwhelmed.  Zordon, the Power Rangers’ longtime mentor, may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to turn back this tide of evil.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:  “To The Tenth Power” (20 minutes):  Trakeena resurrects the powerful Psycho Rangers (evil Power Rangers) and grants them enhanced powers.  They begin to set a trap by abducting the Galaxy Rangers!  The remaining Galaxy Rangers have to team up with the Space Rangers to battle these dangerous foes.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue:  “Trakeena’s Revenge” (39 minutes):  Olympius hires the warrior Triskull and his army of Ghouls to abduct humans and drain their life energy.  Olympius plans to give this power to his evil mother, Queen Bansheera.  Little does he know that Triskull has secretly formed an alliance with the Galaxy Rangers’ nemesis, Trakeena.  She wants to use the energy to mutate into a more powerful form!  Leo, the red Galaxy Ranger, travels to Earth to warn the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Will the Galaxy and Rescue Rangers be able to exploit the rift in the forces of evil?

Power Rangers Wild Force:  “Forever Red” (21 minutes):  Cole, the Red Wild Force Ranger, is recruited by veteran Ranger Tommy to join together with all of the former Red Rangers for a special mission.  The Machine Empire is massing their forces on the moon.  They have discovered the resting place of Serpenterra, and are unearthing it.  Serpenterra was Lord Zedd’s power zord; the largest and most formidable zord ever created.  If the Machines succeed, they will have enough power to destroy the Earth, and any other planet that gets in their way!  It will take the combined power of all ten Red Rangers to stop them!

This is a very good collection, and probably overdue in the eyes of
PR fans.  Most of these episodes are crossovers, featuring Rangers from various teams joining forces.  Three of them are longer episodes (two-parters on TV), and the other two provide quick fixes of action.  Of course, none of this is likely to convert non-fans, as all of the typical PR stilted dialogue, wooden acting, and recycled FX footage is in plentiful supply.

“White Light” is a good dose of nostalgia, as it features all of the original Rangers.  “Countdown To Destruction” starts promisingly, with a premise geared for great spectacle.  However, it would have been better if more former Rangers got in on the action.  “To The Tenth Power” is a great action episode; two Ranger teams against 5 super-powered evil Rangers.  Short and sweet!  “Trakeena’s Revenge” is notable for several more recent villains appearing together, and a group of foot soldiers (the Ghouls) that are actually a challenge for the Rangers.  Also, some real estate is actually destroyed in the final battle!  “Forever Red” may be the best episode on the disc.  Perhaps inspired by Toei’s production of
GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sentai in Japan, the U.S. producers set out to make a similar special for the 10th anniversary of Power Rangers in the U.S.  This action-packed episode raises the stakes by including a good deal of Hong Kong-style fighting, and even some Matrix-style “bullet time” slow-motion effects.  The climax is a bit of a letdown, as the CGI Serpenterra is a pale imitation of the imposing original.  It conveys little of the true size and power of the evil zord, and is defeated far too easily.  Still, this great episode is a lot of fun even for the most casual of PR watchers.  Grade for the collection:  A-

Video: Overall video quality is good.  The picture is sharp and clear.  There are a few grainy scenes, but not too many.  Power Rangers is by nature a very colorful show, and the color reproduction on this disc is very good.  All of the colorful costumes, flashy lasers, and big explosions look great.  The more recent episodes look the best, but even the “White Light” episode (which is over 10 years old) looks better than it would on TV.  Grade:  B+

Audio: The English 2.0 audio sounds good.  All of the catchy tunes, sound effects, and dialogue are well reproduced.  Grade:  B+

Extras / Menus: The only extras are:  A trailer for Pokemon 4-Ever, a very short promo for the home video release of the X-Men animated series, a teaser trailer for George Of The Jungle 2 (another Disney direct-to-video sequel), and promos for the VHS releases of Power Rangers Wild ForceLion Heart and Ancient Awakening; and The Best Of Power Rangers:  Songs From The TV Series (a CD compilation of music from the various PR series).  Unfortunately, these clips are all strictly promotional in nature.  Some “real” extras detailing the history of Power Rangers in the U.S. would have been nice.

The disc comes packaged with a 9 ˝” x 13 ˝” poster.  The poster is double-sided.  One side features a group shot of all ten Red Rangers from the episode “Forever Red.”  The other side has individual pictures of the Red Rangers, in chronological order and labeled by name.

The menus are straightforward and easy to navigate.  They are all still images, with no music or sound.  Each episode, even the longer ones, is a single chapter.  Some more chapter stops (at least at the halfway point of every episode) would have been appreciated. 
Grade:  C+

Final Analysis: Several great episodes on one disc.  It’s sparse on extras, but the quality is solid.  Final Grade:  B
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