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Box Front Japanese Title: Mirai Sentai TimeRenja Tai Go-Go-Five (ďFuture Task Force TimeRanger vs. Go-Go-FiveĒ)
Original Release Year: 2001
Running Time: 42 minutes
Official Website:

DVD Released By: V Cinema (Taiwan)
Video: Fullscreen
Audio: Japanese 2.0
Extras: Fight highlights, trailer, cast interviews, character profiles, promotional art
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Closed Captions: None
Region: 0
Format: NTSC
Chapters: 16
Packaging: Keepcase
MSRP: Unknown
UPC #: 4988102822712
Catalog #: DVD-770-E
Status: Out of print


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The Film: The rescue team Go-Go-Five, serving as civilian firefighters, EMT's, and police  (apparently they have been out of the Ranger game for a while), are fighting a large fire in the city.  In the midst of this chaotic scene, the evil warrior Poly Bear appears, followed by the TimeRangers.  Poly Bear defeats the Rangers and escapes.  The rescue team is less than impressed by the performance of their counterparts from the future.

At the spaceship of the Rotanze crime family, the sorcerer Pyelle appears and claims that by use of his dark powers, he is the one who enabled Poly Bear to triumph.  Pyelle works his magic on several more warriors, who confront the TimeRangers and the Rescue Rangers (who have acquired new transformation devices).  Both Ranger teams, and the dark warriors, are scattered through time by Pyelle.

In the present, the Rotanze family loots the city.  Itís up to Dr. Shen (the scientist father of the Rescue Rangers), the TimeRangerís robotic Tracker Owl, and Time Fire (aka Quantum Ranger) to figure out how to retrieve the Rangers to defend the city.

TimeRanger vs. Go-Go-Five is a serviceable, if unspectacular, crossover movie.  It lacks the epic excitement of the same yearís GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai.  In contrast, this short movie seems less like a special event, and more like just a long TV episode.  The poorly translated subtitles on this disc donít help, either.  This movie is recommended only for big fans of either of the featured Sentai teams.  Grade:  C+

Video: TimeRanger vs. Go-Go-Five is presented in fullscreen.  Since itís an OVA (direct-to-video production), this is the correct aspect ratio.  The image is sharp and clear.  All of the brightly colored costumes and fiery explosions look good.  The exception is the stock footage (F/X footage of the Rangers transforming and summoning their vehicles / robots) from the television shows.  These scenes are more murky and faded than the new material.  However, this seems to be standard for Sentai programs.  It doesnít really interfere with enjoyment of the movie.  Grade:  B+

Audio: The only audio option is the filmís original Japanese 2.0 track.  All of the music, dialogue, and sound effects come through loud and clear.  Grade:  B+

Extras / Menus: There are a few minor extras on this disc.  There is an option to watch several of the filmís fight scenes in a row.  No alternate footage or additional narration is offered.  This runs 12 minutes, and considering that the movie itself is only 42 minutes long, is completely superfluous.  There is one trailer for the film, and a single still image of the promotional artwork.  There are also four character / group profile screens, with text in Japanese.  One is dedicated to the TimeRangers, one to rescue team Go-Go-Five, one to Poly Bear, and one to the giant monster formed by Poly Bear and Pyelle.  The main extra is the interview with the cast.  The actors who portray the Rangers pair off and talk about the film and each other.  These interviews run 5 minutes, and arenít very in-depth. 

The main menu screen is animated when it first boots up; the other menus are still images.  All of the menu screens have background music. 
Grade:  C

Final Analysis: Okay presentation of a mediocre movie.  For diehard Super Sentai fans only.  Final Grade:  C+
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