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- Atari Godzilla Site From the makers of popular Godzilla video games.  Includes a forum.
- Daikaiju Enterprises:  G-Fan / G-Fest The official website of G-Fan, the magazine dedicated to Godzilla and other kaiju.  G-Fest is the annual U.S. Godzilla / kaiju convention.
- Destroy All Planets The official website of Carl Craig.  As a child living in Japan, he was cast to play the resourceful boy scout Jim Morgan in the fourth Gamera film, Gamera vs. Viras (released in the U.S. as Destroy All Planets).  On his revamped site, you can buy autographed photos and DVD's, and keep up on Mr. Craig's convention appearances.
- Generation Kikaida Hawaii's online home of the android hero!
- Giant Monster Movies A database of (you guessed it) giant monster movies.  Cross-referenced by title, series, and country of origin.  Brought to you by the people responsible for Stomp Tokyo!
- Godzilla En Castellano! The first (and only?) Godzilla / kaiju site en espanol.  Muy bien!
- Godzilla Monster Music Extensive information on Godzilla and Toho soundtracks and other monster music.  Also covers the works of composer Akira Ifukube, and The Peanuts!
- Godzilla Universe Tomzilla's site includes monster stats, a chatroom, and is home to the MWF (Monster Wrestling Federation).
- Henshin Hall Of Fame Images and information on many classic tokusatsu shows.
- Henshin! Online News on kaiju, tokusatsu, and anime in the U.S. and Japan.
- Japan Hero An extensive tokusatsu site specializing in TV heroes like Super Sentai, Masked Rider, and Ultraman.
- Kadokawa Pictures Official site of the studio that Gamera, DaiMajin, and the Yokai all call home.  In Japanese.
- Kaiju-DIRECT! Website Directory More kaiju-related links than Godzilla can shake Tokyo Tower at!
- Kaiju-Fan Online The online journal of Japanese science fiction and fantasy.  Articles and essays on the kaiju genre, including some reprinted from the old Kaiju-Fan fanzine.
- Kaijuphile One of the largest and most popular kaiju sites on the web.  Join the forum!
- Mad Scientist Online home of Mad Scientist, a nifty little fanzine devoted to monsters and science fiction.
- Michiru Oshima Official Homepage The official website of Michiru Oshima, the first woman to compose music for the Godzilla series.  Her music score for Godzilla vs. Megaguirus is widely considered one of the best of the series.  She is also the composer for Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla, and its sequel, Godzilla:  Tokyo SOS. In Japanese.
- Official Gamera Site Kadokawa's official Gamera site.  In Japanese.
- Official Toho Godzilla Site Godzilla's official home on the web.  It's all in Japanese, but it's a good source for Godzilla-related downloads.
- Ranger Board The most popular Power Rangers message board on the web.
- Sentai Sanctorum Extensive information on Japan's many Sentai series.  Compares and contrasts them with their U.S. (Power Rangers) counterparts.
- The Shrine Of Gamera Fan site dedicated to Daiei's titanic terrapin.
- Shusuke Kaneko Information Website The official website of Shusuke Kaneko, director of the Heisei Gamera trilogy and GMK.  In English!
- Shelley Sweeney Homepage of the actress who has appeared in five Godzilla movies to date (most notably Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II and Godzilla:  Final Wars).  She was also a special guest at G-Fest 14, and is very pretty and friendly in person.  Here is her other page.
- Sony Godzilla Site Sony's official site for their many Godzilla DVD releases.
- Super Sentai HUB Info and reviews of many Sentai and Masked Rider series.
- Super Sentai Time Capsule An extensive English database devoted to Toei's many Sentai series.
- Thai-Toku A popular Thai site devoted to tokusatsu movies, shows, and heroes.  Mostly in Thai, but with lots of cool pictures.
- Toho Movie Posters This amazing Japanese site has pictures of all Toho genre  movie posters; both original Japanese posters  AND posters from countries around the world!
- Tsuburaya Productions The official English-language site of Tsuburaya Pro, the Japanese studio that Ultraman calls home.
- Unmade Giant Monster Films A site giving brief information on proposed giant monster films that never got made.


- Black Hole DVD Reviews A blog dedicated to international cult and horror films, especially from Japan.
- The Digital Bits DVD news & reviews.  Includes a handy explanation of the benefits of anamorphic DVD transfers.
- DVD Drive-In News & reviews of classic genre and cult movies on DVD.
- DVD Easter Eggs Search for hidden features on DVD's!
- DVD File DVD news & reviews.
- DVD Verdict Hear the charges, examine the evidence, and pass judgement on DVDs!
- Horror News & reviews relating to horror films on DVD.  Includes a forum.


- Movies, books, music, and more.  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!
- The Canadian Amazon site.
- The Japanese Amazon site.
- The U.K.-based Amazon site.
- Best Buy Online DVDs, CDs, and home electronics at discount prices.
- CD Japan Order Japanese DVDs direct from the source.  They have an English-language site, prices listed in both yen and dollars, a friendly staff, and surprisingly fast shipping.  Also check out The Collector's Den, their English-language info column.
- Deep Discount DVD Region 1 DVDs at discount prices, with FREE SHIPPING!!!
- eBay This auction site can be a great source for rare, imported, and out-of-print DVDs, as well as almost anything else.
- by eBay Ebay's non-auction (fixed price) site for new and used movies, music, books, and many other products.  A great place to find out-of-print titles.  Shipping to Canada is now available!
- HK Flix Importers of many Asian DVDs.  They also sell region-free DVD players.  Order some yummy noodles with your movies too.  They're delicious!
- Poker Industries Importers of many Asian and European DVDs.


- Chibi Goji Toys In addition to the standard figures and models, Gojigirl carries a lot of more offbeat kaiju merchandise.  Also, check out their sister site, Chibi We Be Toys, for Hamtaro and other kawaii stuff!
Clawmark Toys
Explosion Toys
- GNP Crescendo Records The U.S. distributor of Godzilla music, including soundtracks for G2K, GxM, and several "Best-Of" compilations.  They also have soundtracks for many other sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows.
- Image Anime
- Monsters Direct
Offworld Marketing
Showcase Collectibles
Super-7 Magazine The first (and only) U.S. publication devoted exclusively to Japanese toys & collectibles.
- X-Plus USA Makers of many fine Godzilla, Gamera, and Ray Harryhausen collectibles.


- Ain't It Cool News News, rumors, and reviews on current and upcoming movies.
- Arrow In The Head Horror news, reviews, mistresses, and more!
- Bad A fun site dedicated to the B-movies we love, and even the ones we don't.
- Gorezone Horror movie news.
- Monster Island News Formerly Kensforce.  Up-to-date news on sci-fi / fantasy movies and television.  Includes a huge (and always growing) database of kaiju eiga, anime, actresses, and classic and modern science fiction movies and TV shows.
- Roger Ebert's Film Reviews As critics go, Rog is one of the best.  (Except when it comes to Godzilla '54.  Ack!)
- Rotten Tomatoes It's like critic soup.
- Stomp Tokyo Humorous reviews of B-movies from many genres.


- A great unofficial fan site dedicated to Zhang Ziyi.  Includes news, pictures and articles, and lots of film clips.
- Korean Dedicated to Korean cinema.
- Kung-Fu Cult Cinema Extensive news and reviews of Asian films, with a focus on action and martial arts.
- Nixflix Reviews of many Asian films.  Action, martial arts, horror, Chinese, Japanese; it's all here!
- The Ring World The largest, most in-depth site devoted to the Japanese horror phenomenon Ringu, its many sequels, and the popular U.S. remake.  Before you die, make sure you see it!
- Zhang Ziyi CSC An exhaustive fan site devoted to the beautiful star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour 2, Hero, and House Of Flying Daggers.  Includes news, a forum, and extensive image galleries.


- Don't send an email message or post something on a message board that makes you look like an idiot!  There's too much of that on the web as it is.  Check word meanings and spellings at this handy site.
- The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) By far the most exhaustive resource of film information anywhere.  Look up titles, cast, crew, almost anything having to do with movies!
- PayPal With a PayPal account, you can send money to anyone who has an email address.  Great for paying for eBay auctions!
- Wikipedia The online encyclopedia.  Look up anything!


- Absolute Idols Sexy pictures of Japanese starlets!  Includes Yumiko Shaku (Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla and The Princess Blade), Chiharu Niiyama (Godzilla, Mothra, And King Ghidorah:  Giant Monsters All-Out Attack), and Ryoko Hirosue (Wasabi).
- Nessie and Bigfoot are just the tip of the iceberg!  Check out many strange creatures which may or may not exist.
- Mangled English from the East!
- Official U.S. Hamtaro Site The animated hamster is Godzilla's "opening act" in Japan.  In the States, the TV show airs on Cartoon Network.  Bada on over there and check it out!  (Click here to visit the Japanese Hamtaro site.)
- Origami Monsters Grab some paper and fold yourself some origami kaiju!  Includes how-to's for Godzilla, Gamera, Ghidorah, Rodan, Baragon, and more!
- Satellite News:  The Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Info Club Website Keep up on all the latest happenings relating to MST3K, the cult-favorite show that made making fun of bad movies an art form.
- Thai-Toku's e-Postcard Site Send e-postcards featuring tokusatsu and anime characters to all your friends!  Very cute, very fun!


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