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Box Front Japanese Title: Hyakuju Sentai GaoRenja Tai Supa Sentai (“Hundred Beast Task Force GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai”)
Original Release Year: 2001
Running Time: 72 minutes
Official Website:

DVD Released By: V Cinema (Hong Kong)
Video: Fullscreen
Audio: Japanese 2.0
Extras: 2 GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai trailers, “Super Sentai Super Interview” (interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes footage of a GaoRanger recording session), group / character profiles (in Japanese), promotional art gallery
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Closed Captions: None
Region: 0
Format: NTSC
Chapters: 24
Packaging: Keepcase
MSRP: Unknown
UPC #: 4988102822712
Catalog #: DVD-726-E
Status: Out of print


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Reviewed by:  Zillamon51
The Film: The evil Yabaiba and Tsue Tsue lure the GaoRanger troop into battle at a certain location.  It is the resting place of Hagura Highness Rakushasa, an ancient creature that feeds on the souls of strong-willed warriors.  Rakushasa is awakened by the presence of five exceptional young warriors, the GaoRangers.  He traps three of the Rangers, Gao Yellow, Black, and Blue, and proceeds to drain their fighting spirit.  Gao White helps them escape, with Yabaiba and Tsue Tsue in pursuit.  Gao Red is left to face the fearsome Rakushasa alone.

While the four dispirited Rangers ponder their fate, their G-phones (cell phones which act as transformation devices) suddenly fly away.  Apparently sensing that their owners had lost their fighting spirit, they instinctively seek out warriors who are more worthy.  Each of the GaoRangers follows their G-phones and meets up with Sentai warriors from the past!  Gao White meets Mega Pink (from
MegaRanger), Gao Blue meets Go Yellow (from Go-Go-Five), Gao Yellow meets Red Falcon (from Liveman), and Gao Black meets Ginga Blue (from Gingaman).

As the GaoRangers learn to summon their fighting spirit from these other great warriors, Rakushasa attempts to break the will of Gao Red.  All of the GaoRangers will come together with the Sentai of the past, led by the charismatic Banba Soukichi (Big One from
JAKQ) to face Rakushasa in a blistering final battle for the fate of the Earth!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sentai, Toei made
GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai as the Destroy All Monsters of Sentai.  For the most part, they were successful.  The action is fast and furious, and this is sure to be a dream-come-true for long-time Sentai fans.  Even for more casual Sentai viewers, it's exciting to watch the current Sentai troop joins forces with classic Sentai warriors.

The film’s major weakness is the abundance of stock footage.  Long segments consist of rapid-fire shots of past Sentai troops in action.  While some of this is necessary (and will probably be appreciated more by Sentai fans), the clips go on for too long.  (The exception is the segment showing the female warriors using their powers of transformation; these scenes have enough variety to keep it interesting.)  The the film also suffers from budgetary constraints.  Rakushasa’s resting place is not some ancient ruin or any place intrinsically interesting.  It’s the same rock quarry where so many Sentai fights take place.  Also, when Rakushasa grows to giant size and heads for the city, there are no scenes of mass destruction as in a Godzilla film.  Despite these flaws,
GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai is very entertaining for casual viewers and Sentai fans alike.  Grade:  B+

Video: GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai is presented in fullscreen.  Since it’s an OVA (direct-to-video production), this is the correct aspect ratio.  The image is sharp and clear.  All of the brightly colored costumes and fiery explosions look great.  The exception is the stock footage from older Sentai shows.  These scenes are noticeably more murky and faded compared with the new material.  However, this is understandable.  It doesn’t really interfere with enjoyment of the movie. (It may even help the nostalgia factor for long-time Sentai fans.)  Grade:  B+

Audio: The only audio option is the film’s original Japanese 2.0 track.  All of the music, dialogue, and sound effects come through loud and clear.  Grade:  B+

Extras / Menus: There are two slightly different trailers for GaoRanger vs. Super Sentai.  The main extra is “Super Sentai Super Interview.”  This program consists of 13 minutes of short interviews with members of the cast.  All 10 of the film’s main Sentai actors (the five GaoRangers and the five featured classic Sentai) give their quick impressions of the GaoRanger series and the history of Sentai.  The program ends with a short (2 minute) behind-the-scenes look at a GaoRanger sound recording session.  There are also four character / troop information screens with Japanese text.  One is for the GaoRangers, one for the classic Sentai, one for the Red Rangers, and one for Hagura Highness Rakushasa.  Finally, there is a short poster gallery consisting of three images of promotional artwork for the film.  Grade:  B+

Final Analysis: A fun movie, solid picture and sound quality, and some diverting extras, make this disk a winner.  Final Grade:  B+
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