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Gamera:  The Box 1969 - 1980
Box Set (Region 2)
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Includes: Gamera vs. Guillon, Gamera vs. Jiger, Gamera vs. Zigra, and Gamera:  Super Monster
DVD 4-Disc Box Set Released By: Toshiba / Daiei Video (Japan)
Region: 2
Format: NTSC
Packaging: Four discs in keepcases, and a 7" vinyl Gamera figure, housed in a windowbox.
MSRP: 22,000 yen
UPC #: 4988008040586
Catalog #: TKBU-5080
Status:  Out of print


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Review: The Gamera:  The Box 1969 – 1980 Box Set includes the final four Showa Gamera films, each on their own disc and packaged in keepcases.  (The previous four entries in the series are available separately, or in their own box set.)  The box measures 5 ½” x 7 ½” x 6”.  It’s a windowbox, so the head of the enclosed figure is visible through the plastic window.  The box contains a cardboard insert, which keeps everything neatly in place.

Following are brief synopses of the included films.  For your convenience, the “Final Analysis” of each disc is also included.

Gamera vs. Guillon (1969): Gamera flies to another planet to rescue two boys abducted by space women.  He is confronted by their knife-headed “guard dog” monster, Guillon.  A surreal children’s fantasy.  Final Analysis: Excellent presentation of an odd, but enjoyable, Showa Gamera movie.  Recommended.  Final Grade:  A-

Gamera vs. Jiger (1970): An ancient statue is removed from a remote island, releasing Jiger from underground.  She threatens to destroy Expo ’70.  When Gamera confronts the beast, she impregnates him with her parasitic offspring.  A strange and enjoyable movie.  Final Analysis: Excellent presentation of a unique and enjoyable Gamera movie.  Highly recommended.  Final Grade:  A

Gamera vs. Zigra (1971): Gamera confronts a shark-like alien invader, Zigra.  Zigra knocks Gamera out with his ray, and threatens to destroy the planet if humanity doesn’t surrender.  A mediocre Gamera film.  Final Analysis: Excellent presentation of a flawed, but enjoyable, movie.  It’s the last “real” Showa Gamera film, so enjoy!  Final Grade:  B+

Gamera:  Super Monster (1980): Three female superheroes defend the Earth against a hostile alien.  Gamera confronts all of his old foes again, via stock footage.  The absolute worst movie in the series, and the only disc without English subtitles.  Final Analysis: Gamera:  Super Monster is one of the most piss-poor kaiju movies ever made.  (The inexplicable lack of subtitles doesn’t help, either.)  While I can’t possibly recommend it, this disc does have some good supplements.  Diehard Gamera fans will want to see the Garasharp segment, but is that worth buying it for?  Probably not.  Good thing it’s included in the 1969 – 1980 set.  More casual kaiju fans (who may only buy a few individual DVDs instead of investing in the boxes) can pass it by.  Final Grade:  C

Please refer to the individual reviews for detailed specs and features of each disc. The individual discs are very consistent.  In general, they present the movie in anamorphic widescreen and Japanese mono, with optional English subtitles.  Extras include theatrical trailers, monster anatomy, and interviews with director Noriaki Yuasa.  The Super Monster disc is notable for including a segment on an unmade Gamera film, Gamera vs. Garasharp.

This boxed set also includes a vinyl Gamera figure.  The figure is well sculpted and detailed.  It stands about seven inches tall.  It is not articulated, so it’s more of a display piece than an action figure.  The tail is detachable, so the figure fits in the box better.

Since the
1965 – 1968 box is big enough to hold all eight DVDs, this one really isn’t designed to store the discs in.  Nevertheless, it’s artfully designed.  This selection of movies is weaker than the previous box, but this box is the more expensive of the two.  Fans that aren’t interested in the figure can save some money by buying the latter four discs individually.  However, that means actually paying separately for a copy of Super Monster, or having an incomplete collection.  Since the figure looks good on a shelf next to the complete 1965 – 1980 collection, the box is recommended.  Grade:  A-
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Box Back Gamera Figure
The Total Package!
The Total Package!
Gamera Vinyl Figure
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The Complete Showa Gamera DVD Collection! The Complete Showa Gamera DVD Collection!
The Complete Showa Gamera DVD Collection!
Add Gamera:  The Box 1955 - 1968 Box Set (sold separately) to your collection, and this is what you get!
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