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Box Front DVD 4-Disc Box Set Released By: GoodTimes Entertainment
Includes: The Lost World (1925), Godzilla:  King of the Monsters; Planet of Dinosaurs, and Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies
Region: 0
Format: NTSC
Packaging: Four discs, in individual keepcases, housed in a box
MSRP: $19.95
UPC #: 018713830425
Catalog #: 05-83042
Status: Out of print


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Review: This box set contains four dinosaur-themed DVDs.  Following are brief synopses of the included films.  For your convenience, the ďFinal AnalysisĒ of each disc is also included.

The Lost World (1925):  An expedition to South America discovers a plateau inhabited by dinosaurs.  The explorers bring a brontosaurus back to London, where it escapes and causes panic in the streets.  A silent classic.  Final Analysis: The video image certainly has its imperfections.  Overall, this isnít a bad presentation of the film, considering the very low price tag.  For more discerning fans, Image Entertainment offers a restored version.  It has a more complete running time, color tinting, and multiple music tracks.  This GoodTimes disc is fine for kids, or viewers unfamiliar with the film who just want to check out a classic.
Final Grade:  B-

Godzilla:  King of the Monsters (1956):  The mutant dinosaur Godzilla rises from the sea and attacks Tokyo.  The military is helpless against him, and the city is left a smoldering ruin.  A dark and somber science-fiction classic.  Final Analysis: Mediocre picture and sound quality on a bare-bones release.  At least itís cheap.  Final Grade:  C-

Planet of Dinosaurs (1978):  An escape pod from the star ship Odyssey crashes on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs.  With little hope of rescue, the survivors struggle to build a new home on the prehistoric planet.  Final Analysis: An effective B-movie with nifty stop-motion dinos, on a cut-rate DVD.  If youíre familiar with the film and enjoy it, feel free to replace your faded old VHS tapes.  If youíve never seen it before, but enjoy stop-motion animation, give it a spin.  Itís certainly inexpensive enough.  Final Grade:  C

Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies (1969):  This is a compilation of trailers from many dinosaur and monster movies.  It includes a featurette on Ray Harryhausen and trailers for several of his movies; trailers for classics like King Kong (1933), Gorgo, and several Godzilla movies, as well as many low-rent titles.  Final Analysis: A great show; very entertaining.  Kudos to GoodTimes for assembling this material, and making it available at a low price.  Final Grade:  A-

Please refer to the individual reviews for detailed specs and features of each disc. This is a good set.  The Lost World and Godzilla KOTM are both classics.  (Better editions of each are available, though.)  Planet of Dinosaurs is an enjoyable B-movie.  The trailer compilation Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies is a great collection thatís a lot of fun to watch.  The box itself looks good.  The construction is pretty standard; there are flimsier boxes out there that cost more (such as Ultraman Tiga).

Unfortunately, this set is now out of print.  It was discontinued due to the inclusion of GoodTimesí unlicensed version of
Godzilla KOTM.  Considering how good of a deal it was, itís too bad GoodTimes hasnít reissued it with another movie (The Last Dinosaur perhaps?) to replace Godzilla KOTMGrade For The Set:  A-
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