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Welcome!  This site is dedicated to bringing you reviews of daikaiju eiga (giant monster movies) released on DVD.  This is my personal favorite film genre, and I created this site to spread the news about how these films are represented on the best home video format, DVD.  My goal is to collect and review every edition of every eastern kaiju film that has been released on DVD with either an English language soundtrack or English subtitles.  I will also strive to present reviews of every western giant monster film widely available on region 1 DVD.  From time to time, I will also post reviews of DVDs which may not be kaiju eiga per se, but which may have some interest for other fans of the genre.  However, the heart and soul of this site will always be the most complete and comprehensive collection of eastern kaiju DVD reviews published anywhere.  (Click here to read more about the site.)
News & Updates

Friday, September 24:  Long Time, No Update. I'm not updating this entire page just yet, but it's long overdue that I add something new here.  This last year has been a very different and hectic one for me (but in good ways).  Jen and I have a new house, and I started a new job after a long bout of chronic under-employment.  Between moving, working on the house, and working for the Man, I haven't gotten around to updating the site in a long time.  I *do* hope to get back in the habit of keeping DMI up-to-date, but I don't yet know when.

Here's a couple of news tidbits:  The original 1933
King Kong arrives on Blu-ray on September 28, and the Warner Archive Collection will unleash The Green Slime on October 26.


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(Click on select titles to pre-order from an Amazon affiliate.) - USA - November 3:  Godzilla (1998) (Blu-ray) (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment).  The mutant lizard Zilla nests in NYC in this poorly-received U.S. version.  Presented in HD on Blu-ray Disc.  Cover art.

- November 10: 
Zebraman Special Edition (Tokyo Shock / Media Blasters).  2-disc Special Edition of Takashi Miike's toku hero parody.  Anamorphic widescreen; Japanese and English 5.1 and 2.0 audio, English subtitles.  Extras include:  Theme song singer featurette, faux TV series promo, trailers, TV spots, photo gallery, and more TBA.  MSRP $24.99.

- Undated: 
Clash of the Titans (Blu-ray) (Warner Home Entertainment).  The last of Ray Harryhausen's great stop-motion animated fantasies.  Restored and presented in HD on Blu-ray Disc.  See the 2/8/08 update for more info.

- Undated: 
Death Kappa (Tokyo Shock / Media Blasters).  Gamera / Sakuya / Kibakichi vet Tomoo Haraguchi directs giant yokai!  See the 9/15/09 update for more info.

- Undated: 
Destroy All Planets Special Edition (Retromedia Entertainment).  The fourth Gamera movie, aka Gamera vs. Viras.  Includes audio commentary with star Carl Craig, G-Fan writer Brett Homenick, and Oriental Cinema editor Damon Foster.  See the 7/19/07 update for more info.  On indefinite hold; the market is saturated with cheap copies of DAP and Retromedia wants to pair it with another movie.

- Undated: 
King Kong (1933) (Blu-ray) (Warner Home Entertainment).  The great ape comes home in hi-def on Blu-ray!  See the 10/7/08 update for more info.

- Undated: 
Silver Mask:  The Complete Series (BCI Eclipse / Ronin Entertainment).  All 26 episodes of the 1971 series, in the original Japanese language, with English subtitles.  Written supplements by August Ragone (author of Eiji Tsuburaya:  Master of Monsters).  See the 7/19/07 update for more info.  On indefinite hold; BCI has been shut down, but parent company Navarre may still release it.

All release dates, disc specs, and cover art should be considered tentative and subject to change.     ***** - CANADA - JAPAN - UNITED KINGDOM
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